How It All Started

Out of The Sound Seafood started back in the early 2000’s. The owner David Inscore Jr. Was tired of working for people and he wanted to do what he loved to do. So he started working in the water. Oystering, calming, fishing he did it all and would sell to the local markets often taken a cut in price because they would not pay fair pricing to the littler fisherman trying to make a living. Being the man he is and seeing his friends being treated the same way he decided to take this madder head on. With the help and support of his family and friends Out of The Sound Seafood was born.

Out of the Sound, Seafood mission is simple. We harvest the freshest and top quality seafood. When we buy from other local fishermen we pay fair prices. We do have standers and our biggest one is if we would not cook it or eat it we don’t buy it. We would rather have no products than having subpar seafood.

Our current operation we deal mainly wholesale in Crabs, Oysters, Cams and fish. We do also sell to consumers. During the summer we can also be found selling crabs on the side of the road in Wilmington, NC. But better call us first because we sell out some days before we get to the boat landing.

So if you’re a Restaurant looking for top of the line seafood for your customers at great prices give us a call! How about them at home cooks looking for restaurant quality fresh seafood gives us a call also.

We love our Men and Women in uniform. Military, Police, Fire, and EMS you put your life on the line every day. From our Family, we would like to thank you for all that you do!